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Cluster Smart Logistics

Working on Campus Melaten

Goal of the Cluster Smart Logistics

The goal of the Cluster Smart Logistics is to let our industrial partners experience and research complex interrelations in logistics, production and services. The attribute “Smart” in the name signifies that value-added chains are viewed from an integral perspective within the Cluster. This is done by examining the entirety of intra- and intercorporate goods, service and information flows.

Cooperation in the Cluster

Research bodies, industrial associations and companies in various stages of the logistical value-adding chain join the Cluster as “matriculated” partners for synergistically pursued projects with pooled research objectives. They exploit the group’s unique infrastructure to do so. Companies which matriculate themselves into the Cluster Smart Logistics profit from various aspects of their cooperation:

  • Synergistic research and development projects
  • Use of their shared environment for experiments and demonstration
  • Participation in events and congresses in the Cluster
  • Shared opportunities for qualification and advanced training
  • Communal public relations and personnel marketing

Your Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Stich, Volker
Telephone: +49 241 47705-100

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