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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Dokumenten Management

Managing documents according to their life-cycle

Document management systems (DMS) support companies in managing documents according to their life cycle. The appropriate DMS can lower costs, reduce lead and response times dramatically, while at the same time increasing efficiency and security of document management. The success of a DMS selection project depends on a structured approach.

Consulting services

We offer manufacturer and product-neutral consulting services in the field of document management. For the identification of cost-benefit-effects resulting from the DMS used, we use our proven and tested tool called PotenzialCheck-DMS. This helps us to identify company-specific potential and to carry out initial profitability calculations.

For the selection process, we use a tool that has been developed by the FIR, called 3PhaseConcept. It involves the following three phases: analysis of document and information flows; matching the requirements with the market offer and pre-selecting different systems; and finally, system tests, on-site analysis and comparison and documentation of results based on the selection criteria. Furthermore, we assist clients in negotiating with the provider, thereby contributing to a smooth implementation.

You can request a free White Paper entitled "Finding the right ECM/DM system and provider" from Astrid Giernalczyk.

Contact Person

Birkmeier, Martin
Telephone: +49 241 47705-510

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