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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

FIR-Alumni Registered Association (FIR-Alumni e. V.)

Establishing and maintaining contacts


We help our employees on their way into employment and accompany them on their way to the doctorate, to habilitation or to other careers. This intensive cooperation creates valuable contacts that we try to keep up with our alumni programme. Today more than 150 employees and alumni from research and industry are connected to our institute via this extraordinary network.

Objectives of FIR Alumni e.V.

The FIR Alumni Association is a non-profit association that promotes the integration of rationalisation and humanisation. The statutory purpose is pursued by raising funds for the Research Institute for Operations Management at RWTH Aachen (FIR), which are to be used particularly to fund activities to disseminate the FIR’s research results, for example through publications, events and presentations.

We encourage the exchange of experiences between our staff and alumni and provide a platform that allows us to spread our research results. FIR Alumni e.V. creates a possibility of direct and intensive exchange between research and industry, thereby connecting different types of knowledge for the benefit of all.

Members of FIR Alumni e.V. receive exclusive access to our members’ extranet. (see “related links” on the right).

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