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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

FIR Solution Group

Promoting skills, maintaining contacts

Logo of FIR Solution Group
Logo of FIR Solution Group

We support our employees on their way to their own business. By working for us, they benefit from the knowledge and experiences made at the FIR during industry and research projects, while at the same time gaining important insights from writing their dissertation.

Our spin-offs, which are situated in the immediate proximity of our institute, trade under the name of FIR Solution Group. They develop products based on research and development and establish complex and heterogeneous subject areas. Another important task of our spin-offs is to ensure our research projects’ relevance to practice and suitability to industrial needs. Together we develop the brand “FIR Solution Group”.


Abels & Kemmner GmbH

Herzogenrath, Germany

Abels & Kemmner specializes in the optimization of supply chains, from logistics structures and planning and control through to the product portfolio. The company’s special areas of expertise include inventory management and delivery capability, forecasting and demand forecasting, optimization of disposition parameters through simulation, cost-minimized balancing of supply chains, establishment of integrated planning processes, and Kanban processing with SAP.

Advaneo GmbH

Aachen, Germany

The Advaneo GmbH is an IT service company which serves two essential business areas. In the business area “performance management” Advaneo develops and sells the management information system LISA, which supports deciders ad hoc in all relevant management questions. The second business area “information logistics” is stretched up over the IT system ProWim, which models business processes, workflows and knowledge structures by using the newest semantic technologies.

code4business Software GmbH

Aachen, Germany

The code4business Software GmbH ensures with software and services that family enterprises administrate and inform their shareholder as well as possible. In addition, the enterprise offers extensive and integrated solutions which come up to social and tax-based requirements. The solutions cover the following topics: family and shareholding management, elections on company general meetings and associate tax payments.

Dr. Sander & Partner Managementberatung – Advanced Planning Solutions. Dr. Sander GmbH

Gladbeck, Germany

Dr. Sander & Associates / Dr. Sander & Partner offer consulting and services for organisation, planning and optimisation of industrial production and logistics. The general principle of all activities is the optimisation principle of nature: adaptive behaviour. Successful enterprises adapt their strategies, structures and processes faster and better then their competitors. Taking into account that potentials can be opened up primarily with the help of interdisciplinary teams and gearing of IT solutions with equal integrated consulting approaches, Dr. Sander has been positioned accordingly.


Aachen, Germany

GEBRA, die Gesellschaft für Betriebsorganisation und Rationalisierung, ist seit über 30 Jahren als unabhängige Unternehmensberatung am Markt etabliert. Auf Grund der überschaubaren Größe, einer flach gehaltenen Firmenstruktur sowie kurzen Kommunikationswegen, bietet GEBRA das optimale Umfeld, um Unternehmen zu stärken und fit für die Märkte der Zukunft zu machen.

Ingenieurbüro Richard Schieferdecker

Aachen, Germany

The engineering office Richard Schieferdecker supports single persons, business formations and small enterprises with regards to effectiveness and efficiency. Based on general questions of business organisation (technical order fulfilment, production planning and controlling, service management and support by IT systems), the focus is mainly on the sector of business excellence and competiveness.


Aachen, Germany

Success by Data Quality – enabling efficient business processes. Our services and solutions: assessment of data sources, data quality analysis / concepts for master data management and data governance / cleansing, consolidation and migration of data / project coaching and training for employees and executives. – knapp:consult makes information accessible and reliable.

myOpenFactory Software GmbH

Aachen, Germany

myOpenFactory is supplier of a web based integration platforms for an interplant data exchange (requests, orders, calculations etc.) for net-worked producing enterprises. The platform was specially developed for the order fulfilment of small and middle-size enterprises. It is producer autonomous and it is based on standardised data. The service of myOpenFactory simplifies and advances buying processes, increases the responsiveness and the receptiveness in the supply chain and thereby reduces stocks.

OBS Ingenieurgesellschaft für Betriebsorganisation und Systementwicklung mbH

Aachen, Germany

The o-b-s GmbH develops and distributes online solutions for the IT-based management of the technical/organizational business processes in enterprises for over 25 years. The topics include time keeping for personnel, projects and manufacturing. Furthermore, solutions for access control and logistics are main topics. With the highly integrated complete solutions integrating hardware and software it is possible, for example, in the context of personnel and project time management to adapt working hours, to handle web-based workflows or calculate project costs. The Manufacturing-Execution-System (MES) has an online data acquisition with real-time processing, which guarantees fast data flow between production and MES and provides a current and high-quality data base. With this help the decision-makers can make objective and secure "on-site" decisions in the highly sensitive production area.

Qinum GmbH

Köln, Germany

The MUL Systems GmbH is a medium-size enterprise for IT and staff services. Around 100 employees work at the locations Aachen, Köln and Troisdorf. Web based enterprise portals for business applications and intelligent assistant systems form the development complexity of the business area system solutions.

Trovarit AG

Aachen, Germany

Trovarit AG is an independent consulting firm specialising in business software projects. For more than ten years, Trovarit has supported many companies in the the safe and efficient evaluation and implementation of business software as well as the optimisation of its employment, and is the German market leader today. Based on the extensive expert knowledge of our interdisciplinary team of consultants, Trovarit offers state-of-the-art tools and methods for successful projects and sound investment decisions.

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