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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Centers within the Cluster

Facing Challenges together

The following centres have already been opened within the Smart Logistics Cluster to divide joint activities into thematic groups:

Companies engaged in the Smart Logistics Cluster can in principle cooperate in all the centres, but they generally choose to concentrate on a focal topic.

The principle of consortial contract research

All the centres share the principle that the consortium of matriculated partners decides mutually on selecting and elaborating the projects in each centre.

For this purpose, the partners can distribute part of their contributed budgets among an offered range of research projects or to raise their own project ideas. A research project is then generally supported by several partners, who also contribute to the contents of the topic. The consortium awards the research contract to suitable research institutions such as FIR, but other partners in the Cluster may also gain contracts.

This form of cooperation demands a great deal of mutual trust, but it also generates strong synergy effects at low budget costs for each individual partner.

Your Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Stich, Volker

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