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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Event Spaces

The perfect Venue for your Event

Events at Smart Logistics Cluster
Events at Smart Logistics Cluster

The work infrastructure in the Smart Logistics Cluster is operated by EICe Aachen GmbH, a spin-off of FIR.

Cooperation in the Cluster is simplified and intensified by different facilities:

  • Use the Innovation Labs

    Operate and lease the Innovation Lab – either with or without scientific supervisors
  • Hold your conferences with us

    Conference and meeting areas are provided in the modern atmosphere of the Cluster, optionally with catering
  • Stage exhibitions

    Lease and have us equip the Atrium space in the Cluster for small to medium-sized company exhibitions (up to 30 stands)
  • Acquaint yourself with the Cluster

    Guided tours of the Cluster to sensitize project teams and promote the public perceptibility of Cluster topics
  • Work directly on-site with us

    Leasable partner offices including technical equipment for intensive on-site cooperation

Your Contact Person

Bigge, Ralf Vinzenz

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