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ERP Innovation Lab

Making use of Research – adding Value

ERP Innovation Lab
ERP Innovation Lab

The ERP Innovation Lab hosts research on how different ERP systems and various forms of organisation can network with and between one another and what technologies and standards are needed to realise an optimum exchange of information.

The interplay between the ERP systems of a four-stage supply chain can already be portrayed in different scenarios (“horizontal integration”) in the ERP Innovation Lab today. In this exceptional test environment, various ERP systems marketed by different vendors can be connected very swiftly via an EDI interface. Along with horizontal integration, “vertical integration” between IT systems and information flows is also investigated in the ERP Innovation Lab. The purpose of vertical integration is to provide (motion) data from systems close to production (e.g. BDE, MES) for higher-level control and order-processing systems (e.g. ERP).

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Wetzchewald, Philipp

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