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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Service Science Innovation Lab

Designing Services in the Lab

Service Science Innovation Lab
Service Science Innovation Lab

Under the slogan “Invent the future of Services”, the FIR and industrial partners are jointly developing innovative services in the Service Science Innovation Lab. The progress from a service idea to a marketable service is supported and accelerated by innovative methods and tools, while the evolving services are made experiencable by various media.

Services are made tangible and adaptable in the research lab. The aim is to digitize, visualise and simulate services for the first time in Europe. Companies have the opportunity to develop future scenarios of new services under professional supervision by scientific experts, confronted the simulated results and then engage in a critical exchange with partners about possible alternatives and even more promising concepts.

The innovative design of the Service Science Innovation Lab interior supports the elaboration of these solutions.

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Kuntz, Jan

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