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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

State cluster North Rhine-Westphalia

Bringing innovations to market faster

Logo of ExzellenzNRW
Logo of ExzellenzNRW

The state government’s goal is to make North Rhine Westphalia a state with a growing economy and a high quality of life. Clusters play an important role in this, as they help to accelerate the market launch of innovations by accumulating know-how and experiences. The state’s cluster politics promote cooperation between enterprises, research institutions and public authorities along the value chains of overall 16 sectors and fields of technology.

The FIR supports North Rhine-Westphalia’s strategy by primarily choosing research projects that deal with one of the subjects areas of North Rhine-Westphalia’s initiative for excellence. The project results are being put into practice in small and medium-sized businesses, thereby benefiting the state.

Clusters supported by the FIR include:

  • Automotive – vehicle construction and suppliers (Autocluster.NRW)
  • Healthcare industry and application-oriented medical technologies (CGW.NRW) 
  • Energy industry and application-oriented energy technologies (Energieregion.NRW) 
  • Information and communication technology (IKT.NRW) 
  • Logistics – access to the active logistics community of North Rhine-Westphalia (Logistik.NRW) 
  • Mechanical engineering/production engineering (Produktion.NRW)

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Prof. Dr. Stich, Volker

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