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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Personnel Development

Spotting and promoting talents

Our human resources department aims to discover our employees' qualifications, keep them up and continuously improve them. Together we prepare for the tasks and challenges of the future.

Strategic personnel development

Strategic development measures focus on project work at the FIR, on PhD work and on the time when former FIR employees work as executive staff in research and industry. To do so, we develop an extensive training programme every year which is undergoing a continuous improvement process. Some of the key issues this programme deals with are: communication and presentation, analysis, project management and scientific work.

Besides our own training programmes we offer our employees the possibility to take part in further personnel development measures offered by the RWTH Aachen (offers by the “Centre for Doctoral Studies“, for example) or other external providers.

Centre for Doctoral Studies

The Centre for Doctoral Studies - short CDS – enables PhD students to get qualifications in key competencies that will be of benefit to them in their future career. Most of the FIR’s internal training programmes are recognized by the CDS. An overview of the CDS’s current offer of topics and dates can be found on the CDS’s website.

Your Contact Person

Kraut, Andreas

Pursuing Link

Center for Doctoral Studies

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