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Competence Centre Maintenance Management

Optimising maintenance

With increasing digital interconnectivity of man and machine in the age of Industry 4.0, the potential for value-adding, efficient maintenance as an important influence on corporate success is increasing. However, the lack of personnel capacity often obstructs the implementation of necessary adaptation processes such as the introduction of new, digital assistance systems.

Are you asking yourself one of the following questions?

  • How can maintenance contribute to the implementation of corporate strategy?
  • What is the potential of my current maintenance organization and what does an implementation concept for reorganizing my maintenance look like?
  • How good are my maintenance processes, how meaningful are my maintenance key performance indicators? How can they be supported economically and user-friendly by IT systems?
  • How can the supply of spare parts be guaranteed and optimised?
  • Which technologies offer the potential to meet the increasing demands on maintenance and how can these be used economically and in line with requirements?
  • How can a plant-specific maintenance strategy ensure availability in line with demand?

The Competence Centre Maintenance Management accompanies you as a comprehensive expert in the field of maintenance management and supports you in your challenges and the optimisation of your maintenance. We can draw on more than 30 years of experience in consulting in the following areas:

Competence Centre Maintenance Management – Competence in these subject areas
Competence Centre Maintenance Management – Competence in these subject areas

Our services in detail

  • Business Strategy
    The Competence Centre Maintenance Management supports you in aligning your maintenance with your corporate strategy. Based on a comprehensive assessment of the scope of services provided by the maintenance organization, we can create a long-term maintenance that actively contributes to the implementation of your corporate strategy.
  • Maintenance Organization
    Receive efficient support in identifying diverse potentials by objectively determining the status quo of your maintenance organization (IH-Check). In addition, we assist you in evaluating various options for redesigning your maintenance organization and introducing concepts such as Total Productive or Reliability Centered Maintenance (TPM/RCM) under the aspects of Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance.
  • Planning & Controlling, Processes & IT
    We accompany you in the optimisation of your maintenance processes. With professional process modelling tools, we precisely record your current processes. Based on an interface and weak point analysis, optimised target processes are developed and measures for implementation are derived. In addition, our "3-phase concept" helps you to select an IT system (IPS system) objectively from a variety of providers, which offers the optimal functionalities for your requirements. We also support the introduction of indicator-based maintenance performance management.
  • Spare Parts Management
    The Competence Centre Maintenance Management supports you in recording the current situation of your spare parts network and quantitatively estimates future requirements for your spare parts management. Based on these findings, future scenarios with different numbers and locations of warehouse are created. The result is an optimal compromise between high part-availability and low capital commitment.
  • Technology Deployment
    As a neutral partner, we assist you in the evaluation of the use of digital technologies in maintenance, such as mobile end devices. With an individual business case calculation, we work with you to carry out a sound assessment of the technologies in question and deliver a tailor-made implementation roadmap for your company.
  • Maintenance Strategy
    Based on the RCM and FMEA methodology, we develop a holistic, life cycle-oriented maintenance strategy for critical production plants. Following plant prioritization and structuring of the plant components, a function and fault analysis is carried out. Component-specific maintenance strategies and suitable maintenance measures are derived. At the same time, an economic feasibility study is can be conducted. The result is a maintenance strategy with which you can derive the greatest possible benefit for your company from the potential of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Exemplary project approach

A consulting project in our accompaniment could have the following course of action:

Competence Centre Maintenance Management – Procedure of a consulting project
Competence Centre Maintenance Management – Procedure of a consulting project


The Competence Centre Maintenance Management cooperates with following partners:

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