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Competence Centre Maintenance Management

Optimising maintenance

"Professional, efficient maintenance is a critical competitive advantage. Surveys show this is confirmed by 67 of the companies interviewed. Optimised maintenance can cut down direct costs by up to 20 percent. While productivity, system availability and product quality are increased, inventories and tooling times are reduced." (Benedikt Brenken, formerly Head of the Competence Centre Maintenance Management)

As a maintenance centre, do you ever ask yourself the following questions?

  • How can maintenance help in the implementation of the business strategy?
  • What potentials lie within the current maintenance organisation?
  • How can the proportion of planned measures be increased?
  • Is there any way that suitable IT can optimise the maintenance processes and the procedures within the maintenance operation?
  • How can the supply of spare parts be optimised and secured over the long term?
  • Which technologies have the potential to meet the increasing demands for maintenance and how can these be implemented economically?
  • In what way can system availability be enhanced with a suitable maintenance strategy mix while optimising costs?

The Maintenance Competency Centre possesses wide-ranging expertise in the area of maintenance management and is ready to offer you structured support in meeting your challenges and in the optimisation of your maintenance organisation.

The Competence Centre Maintenance Management consults companies for more than 30 years in relevant groups of themes:

The Competence Centre Maintenance Management cooperates with different partners.


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