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Consortium Projects

Consortium Benchmarking and Studies

The consortium projects carried out by FIR are among the most effective ways to successfully integrate external knowledge into your own company. On the basis of topics and criteria jointly defined in the consortium, the individual companies whose working methods are particularly innovative and groundbreaking are identified in our consortium benchmarking studies. In subsequent company visits, the consortium partners benefit from the exemplary activities of these "successful practice companies" by gaining important insights and suggestions for their own companies.

In a consortium study, the companies involved are contribute to formulating the addressed research questions.

Advantages for consortium partners:

  • Immediate practical relevance
  • Relevant results
  • Participation in the selection of topics

Current: Industry partners wanted

  • Consortium project „Monetizing Smart Products“ 2021 – 2022
    – Generate added value for companies and customers –

    Take advantage of this opportunity and become an exclusive partner in our renowned consortium! Together with you, we will identify strategies, measures and methods for the successful sale of digital products in nine months.

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  • Consortium project „Process excellence in service and maintenance“ 2021 – 2022
    – Identification of value potentials and approaches for the more efficient design of your service/maintenance –

    Particularly in technical service and maintenance, where the proportion of value-adding activities (wrench time) averages 25-35%, productivity must be increased sustainably and personnel and financial resources deployed in the best possible way.
    As a partner in our consortium project, learn, how new, digital technologies can be combined with proven concepts and approaches and profitably integrated into your own processes.

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  • Consortium benchmarking „Monetizing Smart Products“ 2021 – 2022
    – Generate added value for companies and customers –

    Participate as a partner and gain insights into the working methods of leading providers of smart products in order to derive successful concepts for monetizing smart products and the underlying business models for your company.

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Consortium benchmarkings and studies of FIR and with FIR participation:

Currently underway: