Digitalization and Strategy

The use of social networking, technologies such as business analytics and big data, cloud computing and augmented reality enables radically new approaches to redesigning business models, value creation processes, and work systems. Companies are faced with the task of having to cope with the complexity associated with the necessary strategic changes while at the same time ensuring the efficiency and success of the transformation itself. The challenge is to simultaneously design and implement new structures and systems and also to break down established behavioral patterns in order to bring about true, sustainable change.

Our services in the fields of strategy and digitalization focus on providing comprehensive solutions for overcoming the challenges associated with the restructuring of a company. We can draw on profound knowledge about the principles, patterns and methods of Digital Transformation. Our approaches are interdisciplinary and take into account the latest developments in technology and strategic management.

We give special consideration to the challenges faced by leadership in a corporate world shaped by digitalization. We therefore offer systematic methods of organizational analysis, support in designing a digitalization strategy, the implementation and use of design thinking, as well as roadmap development and implementation support.