Digital Transformation Management –
Transformation by Design

Due to its diversity and complexity, the management of the transformation process itself is particularly difficult to master. Many transformation processes fail because they do not follow a stringent, fully defined approach and therefore suffer from significant gaps on the path from strategy definition to implementation. Specialist departments and software developers often do not speak the same language, and the variety of involved roles and functional units turn implementation into an enormous challenge.

With our "Transformation by Design" approach, we offer a comprehensive and systematic analysis and design approach to the management of digital transformation. It takes up the various areas of digital transformation in their entirety and provides a methodological framework for effectively implementing the transformation program. In addition to the approach of design thinking, a variety of different methods and tools are applied that, in their entirety, contribute to successfully managing the complexity associated with the transformation and to bringing about change. Our approach is well-founded and has been repeatedly evaluated. On this basis, we offer management consulting for digital transformation in a comprehensive approach. Alternatively, we offer individually tailored modules, for example on business model development, strategy development, the development of a PMO, and implementation through project and change management.