IT Strategy Development

Make your IT department fit for digitization!

Through the digital transformation the strategic orientation and further development of IT has become an integral part of corporate strategy. Many companies have a historically grown, heterogeneous IT infrastructure that makes innovations in digital transformation difficult. At the same time, the role of the IT department has often been limited to providing and operating hardware and software infrastructure.

Digitization accelerates a process of change that requires new competencies and a reorganization of tasks in IT departments. New technologies and applications are changing the IT landscape. The design of an efficient IT landscape as the basis for a successful digital transformation as well as the reorganization of the structural and process organization (e.g. via outsourcing or shared service centers) and of IT competencies and processes are central levers for a successful IT set-up.

The FIR develops participative with your management, IT department and representatives of the business departments an IT strategy to make your IT fit for digitalization. In doing so, we use our proven, four-phase procedure.

The FIR approach to IT strategy development

Based on your corporate strategy and goals, we first take a look at your current organization, processes and landscape and identify potential for change. In the second step we formulate an IT mission and objectives (e.g. IT landscape or organizational structure) based on your corporate strategy and the current situation. Based on these objectives we work with you to develop concrete IT project proposals, which the IT department implements together with other parts of the company. Finally, we establish a project portfolio management and project controlling system to implement and further develop the IT strategy.

The result is a systematic derivation of the future direction of your IT department based on your corporate strategy.

The future orientation of the IT department is systematically derived from the corporate strategy.

A detailed description of the procedure can be found in our whitepaper Designing IT strategies. An initial assessment of the potential and possible measures and scopes of an IT strategy development can be obtained at short notice in the IT Quick Check.

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