Process Digitalization

Process analysis as basis for a sustainable digital transformation

Digitize your business processes end-to-end and benefit from reduced processing times and higher work quality. On the basis of a fully documented process landscape and IT systems in use, a wide range of potential for optimization can be identified, thereby opening up long-term synergy effects between the organizational units involved. The FIR supports you in the operative as well as strategic design of your processes with the application of the 4-phase process management model, a holistic approach to the analysis and optimization of processes.

In phase 1, it is necessary to appoint dedicated process owners and define a suitable team in order to digitize processes. It is important that the process owners are equipped with the necessary competence to adapt the responsible process. In the second phase, the existing processes are documented, whereby processes are linked to the existing IT landscape as well as to the data generated and used. Subsequently, in a comprehensive analysis, optimizations for digitizing the processes are identified and mapped in a digitization roadmap. The development of process key figures follows in the third phase; these serve to measure the success of implemented optimizations. Finally, in the fourth phase, the developed process key figures are used in suitable visualizations to monitor the responsible processes.


Our offer:

  • Process digitalization and optimization
  • Design of process landscapes
  • Development of Process Excellence Teams