Smart Products

Retaining customers and staying one step ahead of the competition

For many companies, smart products are the key to a sustainable and successful customer relationship. In addition, smart products provide you with a data-based understanding of your customers through the analysis of usage data, enabling you to work on the next generation of successful products.

For your customers, the benefit of smart products lies in the value-added services they can provide. This includes the automatic reordering of consumables, data-based vulnerability analysis or the implementation of subscription models. Many companies, such as Tesla, Apple or Vorwerk, successfully demonstrate this to us.

Together with you, we identify the relevant use cases for smart products and transfer these into a business case. From this point we develop a concept that is optimally integrated into the existing product and system landscape in your company. In doing so, we take an agile approach and use prototypes and MVPs to test our development hypotheses in practice in order to achieve the full benefit of the product for you and your customers.

Our offer:

  • Identification of use cases and analysis of business cases for your company
  • Conceptual design of the smart product and the target digital architecture based on your company
  • Prototyping and evaluation with agile methods
  • Accompanying the start of series production of intelligent products