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Document Management

Using knowledge

Knowledge management
Knowledge management

Knowledge is a resource that plays a decisive role in companies of all sizes, especially in times of rapid change. In most companies today, knowledge has an average share of more than 60 percent in a company’s overall value creation. An employee spends an average of 35 percent of his working time searching for the company's existing knowledge. Process-oriented knowledge management helps you to preserve your employees’ knowledge and to make it usable in the long term.

This creates benefits for the individual employee as well as for the company as a whole, such as better product quality. The process-oriented approach also helps to make the relevant knowledge available at the right time. Our consulting services include the development and implementation of a process-oriented knowledge management, including the appropriate IT systems.

We help you to

  • define your specific knowledge management objectives,
  • identify knowledge requirements and evaluate the existing knowledge,
  • checking individual potential for implementing a document management system,
  • unbiased selection of a qualified document management system using the 3PhaseConcept.

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Wenger, Lucas

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