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Networked digitization opens up new opportunities for companies to achieve more efficient and effective economic success in an increasingly dynamic market. This is driven by the development of digital technologies and IT solutions, which now offer high stability, performance and a profitable cost-benefit ratio. However, the greatest challenge is to find the right information technology concept to create sustainable added value for the company, its products, services and processes in the face of an oversupply of IT systems, IT providers and diverse technologies with different application cases.

Based on our project experience and the current challenges of our customers, we have developed a holistic approach to translate the challenges and potential of a company into requirements for IT solutions. For our customers, it is important to link all design fields of the company (strategy, products, service, organization, processes) and the possibilities of digital technologies (business applications, applications, data, networking technologies) in such a way that the IT requirements, derived from the strategic alignment of the company and day-to-day operations, can be implemented efficiently. We offer you the necessary competence to design your corporate IT in such a way as to gain a competitive advantage through efficiency as a digital agile company.

Inform yourself comprehensively about our range of services:

IT system selection

Today, companies are still looking for a suitable IT system solution that not only supports but also simplifies the execution of core business processes. Against the background of the diversity of products on the IT market and the development of IT system applications with increasing functional scope, the selection of the right and most sustainable solution and the appropriate implementation partner is a complex task. This involves a high investment and project risk, because if the wrong decision is made, costs can be immense.

The FIR efficiently advises you on the selection of IT systems in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Maintenance Planning and Control (IPS), Document Management (DMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A lack of knowledge about the company's own specific requirements for the new IT system application and unclear objectives as to what is to be achieved with the new system complicate the selection process. The disregard of future strategic company developments can quickly lead to budget and time problems or even to the failure of the project. Although many companies are looking for a new IT system, they still want to retain the old structures and processes, which have often grown over decades.

The selection of a new IT system requires a structured approach in order to be able to deal with the classic stumbling blocks in the implementation of such projects.

IT strategy development

In order to meet the diverse requirements of business and technological change, IT departments must align themselves strategically and adapt their organization, tasks and IT landscape. Practice shows us that often no IT strategy exists or is not aligned to the needs of the business. In order to avoid high IT misinvestments and unexpected hurdles, the IT strategy must be an elementary component of the corporate strategy. Only then can IT projects be defined in line with a homogeneous IT strategy.

We support you in synchronizing your IT and corporate strategy. The result is a consistent IT strategy that takes all the framework conditions of the corporate strategy into account.

IT organization design

In practice, the high degree of complexity as well as the strongly grown service portfolio of IT services leads to a change from a rather classical IT department to an internal IT service provider. Many IT organizations today are under pressure to provide IT services of high quality at the lowest possible internal costs and at the same time meet the time and technical requirements of the departments.

A process- and service-oriented working method of the own IT organization is decisive for a satisfactory performance of services. We can help you transform your IT organization into a powerful IT service provider and properly define the IT projects for digital transformation.

Data management

Data management is often not given the appropriate status in practice. In most cases, poor data quality is perceived as a problem, but is insufficiently addressed by companies. Errors, inconsistencies and duplicates in the databases lead to performance losses and incorrect planning results. The lack of consistency in data maintenance has two main causes: On the one hand, the concrete potential benefits are difficult to see and the direct contribution to the company's success is often not tangible. On the other hand, the responsibilities, frequencies and dates for updating the data are not clearly defined.

We support you in improving your data quality and winning the "gold" from your data in order to identify optimization potentials for your processes, products and services or even to develop new business ideas.

Digital technology management

Innovative technologies are changing the world of business. They create transparency in processes, optimize processes and enable the development of intelligent products and digital business models. Companies that do not master the use of technology are driven out of the competition and miss out on significant opportunities.

Choosing the right digital technologies is no trivial task. There are a number of variants and combinations of technological possibilities to do justice to a business case, so that the choice of the digital possibility easily becomes a torture. In addition, the sustainability and profitability of digital technologies must be continuously evaluated in order to make the decision for an evolution or revolution timely and cost-effective.

We support you with screening, scouting and evaluation as well as with the conception and implementation of digital technologies, so that your business cases pay off and you can maximize the potential of digital technology.

Design of the Internet Of Things (IoT)

Companies need an integrated information system architecture to design integrated processes and to be able to use available information for decision-making with little effort. The synonym "Internet of Things" is often used to describe the connection between the physical world (people, machines, materials, IT systems and other resources) and the digital world. The networking of all resources by an information system architecture is a great challenge in a grown IT system landscape in view of heterogeneous IT infrastructures, legacy systems, networking of operation technology and information technology, retrofitting and many more:

We design your Internet of Things with an integrated information system architecture, the integration of OT and IT worlds, the selection of IoT platforms. This is how you connect the physical world with the digital world in your company.