Data Management and Business Analytics

Data Management

Data Management

In the age of digitalization, insufficient attention to master and transaction data is slowing down  processes, employees and innovations. Tackle the issue of data quality with us in order to make data usable according to the specific requirements of your company.

Workarounds, such as manual corrections of data records, redundant data storage in MS Excel or insufficient systemic representation of product structures are only some of the many inefficiencies caused by poor data quality. Therefore, actively design your data and systems according to the requirements of your business in order to minimize inefficiencies in managing data and to use the newly gained capacities profitably for the company.

We enable you to sustainably improve your master and transaction data. Gain insights into the quality of your data and identify specific opportunities for improvement. Based on your challenges, we derive individual measures to improve data quality following the fit-for-use approach. Achieve a level of data quality that meets your requirements and paves the way for digital transformation in the long term through organizational continuity.

Strategic Business Analytics

In three steps to your first Business Analytics Experience

By creating data-based organizational transparency, Business Analytics empowers companies to open up completely new competitive positions, which newly constitute the corporate purpose and business model.

Generate real added value from the data of your business processes and feed the findings back into your company. Experience the opportunities provided by business analytics to significantly increase productivity in previously non-transparent business areas. Benefit from our analysis, strategy and expertise in digital transformation to establish data analysis capabilities in your company.

Depending on the challenges you are facing, we create a first Business Analytics prototype with a selected team of our BI and process experts. Explore the potential and possibilities of business analytics for yourself and discover the manifold application possibilities for data-based value creation.