Design of the Internet of Things

IT/OT Integration, Platform Selection, Prototyping

Increase Productivity with IoT

Do you want to assess the condition of your facility landscape, evaluate your company’s IoT capability, and effectively prepare investment decisions? Use the IoT Readiness Check to identify potential in your company to enhance the quality of your products, increase the flexibility of your manufacturing processes, and establish faster process times.

With our IoT Readiness Check, we assess the current state of your production facilities with regard to interconnectivity and potential benefits. This is done from both a technological and an organizational perspective. The result: you gain a precise overview of the specific potentials of your facilities and an outlook on the future possibilities and the resulting business benefits for your company.

FIR offers you an established process for interconnecting your production. In the future, you can avoid downtimes with predictive maintenance and route orders directly from the information system to the machine.

Central Data Platform for Interconnected Companies

Companies need appropriate software solutions for the central use of data from their shop floor or from their own production. IoT platforms – a rapidly growing software branch – provide comprehensive interfaces to existing systems, process collected data efficiently, and enable the rapid development of apps. The market and fields of application for IoT platforms are diverse. There are a variety of different IoT platforms from both well-known and less known providers with their specific advantages and disadvantages. The fields of application range from the connection of smart devices on the shop floor to the networking of devices at various customer sites to the central data platform for the entire company. The variety of fields of application and available platforms requires a clearly structured process, which we offer with our 3-phase concept for IoT platform selection (see figure). The procedure begins with an analysis of the IT architecture currently in place, into which the IoT platform is to be integrated. At the same time, the future use cases for the platform must be described, typically with the help of use case diagrams. On this basis, requirements for the IoT platform can be summarized in a specification.
FIR compares the identified requirements with the functionalities offered by available IoT platforms and selects possible suppliers. Based on the previously defined use cases, we invite the top vendors to present their systems to the company, which makes a direct comparison of the selected platforms possible. Based on the systems’ success in meeting the identified requirements and on the price of the product, the company can then make a decision on which platform to choose.

Due to its broad range of experience in supporting software implementations, FIR also provides assistance with the subsequent implementation process, if desired. We place particular emphasis on implementing so-called "Minimal Viable Products", i.e. directly usable results, in order to quickly demonstrate the added value of an IoT platform. The IoT platform can thus be introduced gradually in the company. Employees learn how to use the new technology, overcome reservations, and contribute their ideas for subsequent implementation phases. Since IoT platforms offer simple editors, employees can also develop their own apps and make them available on the platform. This will gradually create an ecosystem of data use, based on which companies can make faster, safer and more transparent decisions, e.g. in development, production, or marketing.

Smart Product Prototyping

Quickly build a functional prototype to evaluate the feasibility of a solution and identify new service opportunities in the long term.

You want to upgrade your machines or facilities for the digital age and think of retrofitting? Do you want to further develop and "smartify" your existing products? Don't be deterred by having to confront unknown territory, or initial hurdles, but start today. With the Smart Product Prototyping approach, we smartify your machines, systems or products in just a few hours.

Depending on your goals, we jointly determine the information that you would like to collect on your machines, plants or products and jointly find answers to the question of what kinds of added value you would like to gain. With the help of our "RapidCPS" IoT platform, we make your machines or products ready for the Internet of Things – either on site at your premises or in our innovation labs.

Effectively implement digitalization and use our method of Smart Product Prototyping.