Digital Technology Management

Technology Selection and Management

Digital Technology Management

Technology Selection and Management

Tracking & Tracing Technology Selection

Methodically sound technology selection supports companies in designing, selecting and economically deploying digital technologies for specific applications.

Understand your production and intralogistics processes by creating transparency and using tracking & tracing technologies. The tracking of orders and materials as well as digital inventory management is enabled by innovative technology concepts.

To create transparency, we advise you to rely on standardized methods for scouting, evaluating and conceptualizing digital technologies. Together with you, we identify your individual requirements in a vendor and technology neutral way. We support you with our technological expertise and propose effective solutions. We evaluate both the technical and the economic aspects of all promising solutions.

On the basis of this evaluation, you decide how to proceed. If you follow our recommendation, prototyping will be of great importance afterwards. "Just do it" is the motto here in order to arrive at optimum solutions in a rapid iterative process. The developed application is prototypically implemented in your production environment or in our innovation labs. This is how you will be able to actually experience the solution’s feasibility during operation.

CPS Matchmaker

With the CPS Matchmaker to your digitalization system in production and logistics

You want to digitalize your production, but don't know which innovative technologies to deploy and in which combination in order to achieve optimal results?

A growing technology market and a plethora of possible functions complicate the selection process; frequently, requests for technological support lead to separate, siloed solutions. In the age of the Internet of Things, however, it is precisely the interaction of the various technologies that matters most.

In the design process of a cyber-physical system for a technology scenario, the CPS Matchmaker can support you, for example, in selecting a networked order tracking system. With the help of the CPS Matchmaker, we create an individual technology scenario for you, including a cost-benefit estimate, in a manufacturer-independent process.
FIR supports you with:

  • the identification of use cases based on an assessment of the current situation;
  • the analysis of requirements for a selected use case;
  • the selection of technologies that allow your business processes – especially your production and logistics – to be digitalized;
  • the selection of technology providers by preparing specifications and invitations to tender;
  • the comparison of different technology concepts in terms of their economic value and, as a result, the selection of the best concept for you and your company.


Technology Management

Methodically sound technology management enables companies to recognize technology trends early on, identify application-specific solution components and deploy them successfully.

Track your orders in real time, offer value-added services to customers, make every decision based on robust data. In order to leverage the potential of innovative technologies, you must systematically address the question of how to deploy them in your company to maximum benefit. Our technology management approach enables you to keep an eye on the latest technologies and use them to improve current processes and create new products.

FIR has longstanding experience working with companies of various sizes in the manufacturing, logistics, mobility, and energy sectors. Customers value our methodically sound approach and creativity in solving specific questions and problems.

Technology Management – A Market and an Application Perspective
Do you want to get a comprehensive market overview or implement a specific use case? Depending on your objective, technology management offers various methods. While “IT scanning” provides a broad overview of the market, “IT scouting” focuses on specific technology scenarios to solve a specific problem.