IT Selection

FIR’s 3-Phase Concept

FIR’s 3-phase concept serves as a structured process for the selection and introduction of a multitude of systems. This includes ERP, MES, APS, CRM, and DMS selection. With the help of our comprehensive overview of the market of existing systems, we as neutral consultants ensure that a future-oriented solution will be implemented in your company.

Phase 1: Analysis

The analysis phase forms the basis for a purpose-oriented project implementation, including a definition of the strategic guidelines and of a reference framework. The analysis of the processes to be considered and the IT system landscape provide essential insights into the current status quo and help identify improvement potential for the target concept.

Phase 2: Selection

The analysis phase is followed by a structured evaluation of the functional requirements of the company in the form of a comprehensive requirement specification for an end-to-end view. The IT Matchmaker systematically compares the identified requirements with 90% of the ERP, MES and DMS systems available on the German market and enables a fast, efficient and customer-specific evaluation of suppliers. In addition, a “supplier day” as part of the tendering process leads to concrete offers and enables an objective comparison with previously defined requirements.

Phase 3: Award of Contract

Based on the selection, a performance specification is to be created. This is followed by a legal and professional examination of the draft contracts as well as the determination of the price and payment conditions. To ensure that the implementation is carried out according to plan, we also recommend vendor-independent project controlling.