IT Strategy Development

Strategic Alignment of Corporate IT

A corporate strategy includes the strategic direction of corporate IT function. The core task of corporate IT is not only to support the different units by providing hardware and software solutions, but also to actively contribute to business success. To this end, traditional hardware-oriented responsibilities may have to be abandoned and new, application-oriented challenges to be tackled by the corporate IT department. This requires a holistic, strategic view of the company and its IT support.

FIR supports you in the development of your IT strategy, applying a four-phase process. This process is carried out by the IT department, corporate management, and representatives of the different company departments. This ensures that the IT strategy is in line with the company's objectives and meets the requirements of the departments.

In a first analysis stage, the company’s goals and strategy as well as the current state of the corporate IT function are determined, taking different dimensions into account. For example, the IT landscape, IT organization and IT-related processes are investigated and analyzed as a basis for optimization. In the second phase – the formulation phase – a mission for corporate IT is derived from the identified opportunities for optimization and aligned with the corporate strategy. In addition, concrete target concepts for the IT organization and the IT landscape are defined. In the third phase, based on this mission, concrete IT project proposals will be derived and gradually operationalized. If, for example, the IT management communicates concrete projects, this improves the overall perception of the corporate IT.  Processes for the continuous control of project implementations are put in place to accompany the introduction of the IT strategy.

The development of an IT strategy is not a one-off procedure, but requires recurring, e.g. annual, updates. FIR enables companies to re-apply the used methodology on a recurring basis and thus to further develop the corporate IT in a stepwise process, empowering the IT function to actively contribute to business success.