Design of the IT system landscape

Mastery and management of application diversity

IT system landscapes in many companies resemble a wild jungle. Companies introduce new IT systems without replacing old ones or document newly implemented interfaces only insufficiently. In such situation, even small changes have a big impact. The result is an IT system landscape that, despite its diversity, does not adequately support business processes and also requires high costs and maintenance efforts.

The FIR supports you in harmonizing your IT system landscape by evaluating your IT systems according to the criteria "Business Fit", "Technology Fit" and "User Experience". In Business Fit we evaluate the process support, while in Technology Fit we consider the compatibility as well as the perspective use of the IT systems. Finally, the User Experience focuses on operational performance. We determine the optimal IT support for your business processes and develop a roadmap for your future IT system landscape together with you. In this way, we create the conditions for the successful introduction of new IT systems and a successful digital transformation.

The FIR has a lot of experience in cross-location IT system harmonization, both in transformation projects and in post-merger integrations. Within the framework of the IT Quick Check, you will receive an initial assessment of your situation and potential at short notice.

Our offer:

  • Design of the IT system landscape
  • IT Quick Check
  • IT Selection