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IT System Selection

Finding the optimal IT system

IT system selection
IT system selection

Companies often spend several years searching for a suitable software solution. Nevertheless, 85 percent of the time, project goals regarding time, quality and budget are not met. Given the large variety of software on offer, a methodological approach helps to narrow down the number of potential candidates on the basis of the company’s particular requirements.

A target-oriented approach during the software selection process helps to reduce effort as well as investment and project risk. This way the effort spent on creating a specification sheet can be reduced to two days, using a standardised catalogue of requirements. Using specific performance profiles and more than 10,000 reference projects, system houses can be analysed quickly and reliably.

We can efficiently help you to select IT systems for enterprise resource planning, maintenance planning and control, document management, customer relationship management, service management and supply chain management.

We help you with

  • the creation of an individual specification sheet, based on a predefined set of criteria
  • the creation of a well-founded tender
  • the presentation and evaluation of provider and system presentations
  • the examination of the specification sheet
  • contract negotiations
  • the implementation phase

Your Contact Person

Reschke, Jan

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