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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Potential analysis and system selection

The success of a company is crucially influenced by the efficiency and cooperative interaction between marketing, sales and, in particular, the service. Increasingly dynamic market changes make it necessary to support and combine this systematically with IT systems.

With the assistance of the "Potenzialchecks CRM" developed by FIR, the status quo of the customer relationship management can be determined using a maturity-assurance method. Company-specific potentials can be identified in this way, based on which a customised CRM improvement roadmap is prepared. A detail schedule of measures with concrete proposals for action helps to launch the implementation. In connection with the selection of the CRM system, the "3PhasenKonzept CRM" developed by FIR ensures the achievement of the two primary objectives of a selection project – certainty of selection and contractual security.

Consultancy service

We provide our customers with consultancy services concerning the issue of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – independent of manufacturer and product. Our consultancy service encompasses an analysis of the actual state of customer orientation as well as the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses specific to the company. We also identify potentials for improvement and ascertain focal points for action. In this context the systematic selection of the system pursues the two primary objectives of a selection project - certainty of selection and contractual certainty.

Certainty of selection: Based on the analysis of the actual status of the processes and the collaborative establishment of target processes, requirements specific to the company are effectively formulated and compared with the market availability. This comparison enables the right system and the right provider to be identified. The process is supported using the IT Matchmaker tool. Finally, the three or four best providers are invited to demonstrate their system in real-time to future users. Contractual security: As an expert moderator, we assist our customers in transforming their requirements into a set of specifications. This guarantees that the objective will, in fact, be realised.

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