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Master Data Management

Optimising data quality

Master data management
Master data management

Master data plays a key role in almost all business processes, holding information about products, customers, suppliers and many other things. However, in practice, master data is frequently being managed decentrally in the respective IT systems. This results in inconsistencies and reduced data quality. Only around 15 percent of businesses claim to have their master data under control.

60 percent of companies lack a defined responsibility for data quality issues. But high-quality master data is a prerequisite for successful customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence projects, cross-company cooperation and e-business activities. The management of master data is an ongoing task that has a direct impact on the company's success.

We can help you to structure and efficiently manage you master data.

We help you with

  • the analysis of data structures and the existing IT environment
  • the harmonisation of heterogeneous databases
  • the selection of appropriate performance indicators and IT tools for continuous data quality management
  • the organisational implementation of master data management

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Wenger, Lucas

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