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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Order Management

Adapting order management to current needs

Order management
Order management

Today 90 percent of the total order circulation time is due to wait times in order processing. Over 70 percent of all cases of non-compliance with delivery dates are due to a lack of coordination in cross-departmental processes. By processing only 25 percent of all orders electronically, for example, you can set free a significant amount of capacities for the employees in your purchasing department.

A methodological process analysis of your order processing allows us to identify on average 50 measures to directly improve your processes. In a maximum of ten days, we can analyse all organisational core processes in your company and optimise them according to the principles of a modern business organisation.

We help you to

  • analyse your business processes
  • select appropriate process indicators
  • optimise your processes
  • document your business processes by using modern IT tools
  • handle your e-commerce
  • choose an adequate IT system

Your Contact Person

Schröter, Moritz

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