Consulting services around "Tracking & Tracing

Transparency along the entire value chain

"Tracking & Tracing" systems noticeably increase transparency in production and supply chain, which in particular reduces search, booking and inventory efforts as well as shrinkage, bottlenecks and transport costs.

The transparency gained helps to achieve flexible production, so that existing processes can be continuously improved through adaptive planning and control. The ability to make detailed statements about current and past states of individual processes and products leads to an increasing reduction in logistics and product complexity.

Further advantages of "Tracking & Tracing" systems are

  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Optimization of intralogistics
  • Simplified possibility for quality assurance
  • Speed and cost advantages
  • Fast and easy information transfer
  • Increase of product and process safety

In order to offer support to enterprises with "Tracking & Tracing" projects, the FIR advises, how a purposeful increase in value for enterprises can be created. Further the FIR researches in various exciting projects, how "Tracking & Tracing" systems can be used in the future in the operational everyday life beyond that.

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