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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Reference Projects

Success Stories from Consulting Projects

Here you can find an overview on testimonials from selected industry projects. The attached Success Stories themselves are only available in German.

At the first sight you will see all of the success stories (most recent top). – But you may configure any selection you want to.

Selection of references

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Auswahl eines IPS-Systems mithilfe des Aachener 3PhasenKonzepts

Optimale Auslastung der Montage bei höchster Variantenflexibilität

Restructuring of the service business and introduction of service-level agreements

Digital Business Transformation

Selection of a ME-System for REHAU AG + Co

InfraServ GmbH & Co. Knapsack KG preparing for the future

Introduction of a visual Management

GATE – Global AsseT Expert

Analysis of the global Maintenance Organization

Definition of a strategy roadmap for the next five years

ERP System Selection

Selecting project and portfolio management systems successfully

Identification of cost drivers in the order fulfillment

Standardisation of processes, definition of requirements

Services for the Asset Life Cycle Management of the future

Scenario based assessment of distribution structure

Optimization of the Product Development Process

Professional Management of Returns

Selection of an integrated ERP system

Analysis and assessment of maintenance

Global Maintenance Survey

Spin-off of the business "Architecture + Design SCHOTT AG"

The "color range" extended by the FIR

Selection of a standard CMM System for the maintenance organization

Project-orientated document management

Creating a sustainable distribution structure

Company-wide standardization and integration by the use of a new ERP-System

Optimisation of logistical planning processes

Custom made supply chain management

Identifying potentials in logistics and aquisition

Evaluation of alternative scenarios of the structure of networks for replacements

Strategical planning

To a successful service provider with the help of service engineering

Competent, neutral and individual consulting by the FIR

RFID in the maintenance

Standardisation of processes for the world wide SAP roll out

Granular production planning and control

Vivid process management

RFID within the management of containers

Management of beds with RFID

Forecasting: Analysis and evaluation of materials critical to disposition

Reorganization of the order transaction to realize a successful ERP system selection

To a better order management via successful ERP selection

FIR unifies world wide product data at the global market leader for seamless produced steel tubes

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