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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Service Developement

Developing service operations strategically

Service development
Service development

The strategic realignment of the service business and the development of new services are among the most promising approaches to master economically challenging times. Over 80 percent of managers in the industrial service business hold this opinion.

Did you know that only 20 percent of companies in mechanical and plant engineering  have a clearly defined service portfolio, while, on average, industrial services generate over 50 percent of a company’s profits? Successful businesses benefit from high profit margins by strategically planning their service business and developing new services in cooperation with their customers. We help you tap your company’s profit potential through services and to avoid negative developments.

We help you to

  • develop a suitable business model for your services
  • define your service portfolio
  • systematically develop your services
  • plan your service resources and processes

Your Contact Person

Moser, Benedikt

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