Data-Based Services

Unlocking Revenue Potential with Smart Services

The digitalization of service is the future. Probably you have heard this – or a similar slogan – many times before. But what exactly are smart services and digital, data-based services? The spectrum ranges from simple remote service solutions that allow you remote access to your equipment at the client’s facility to complex optimization services that optimize the performance of your machines at the customer’s site.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of digital, data-based services, we accompany companies both in the first steps towards digitalization and in the integration of the digital business into the core business. Whether you are a newcomer or a top performer, we take a holistic approach to Smart Services and take your individual company situation into account. In our Smart Services Check, we examine 24 areas at the levels of physical product; data usage & processing; and business model & strategy; and work with you to define the future of your digital service business. Upon request, we are happy to support you in the implementation of the proposed measures in your organization.