Spare Parts Management

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Your Spare Parts Logistics

Do you face the challenges of ever faster response times, increased demands on delivery reliability, increasing cost pressures and shorter product life cycles? If so, we are there to support you!

The spare parts market will grow by about USD 18.3 billion (~5 percent p.a.) by 2022. In combination with profits of up to 43%, spare parts logistics offers promising opportunities for manufacturers, trading companies, as well as for the manufacturing industry. However, not only are there enhanced sales prospects, but also opportunities for greater efficiency and transparency. Topics such as 3D printing, blockchain, and autonomous transport systems dominate today's trade fairs and trade magazines, but not the shop floor. Possible obstacles are a lack of intelligent and relevant deployment scenarios and, above all, the issues of processes and data quality.

Use our proven methods and reference processes to get the most out of your spare parts business. Gain insights into the spare parts supply of the future in our demonstration factory. With our members of the Smart Logistics cluster, we make Industry 4.0 tangible for you. On site at your company, we evaluate the actual situation and dive deep into your data and processes in order to identify the right levers to pull. Our optimization software BESTPro precisely identifies opportunities for inventory reductions and targeted inventory build-up. Together with you, we develop the appropriate strategy to achieve measurable success in your company through inventory and process optimizations (e.g. higher turnover rates, higher service levels, lower error rates, etc.). In a fruitful collaborative process, we do not only define the goals, but also support you actively and competently in their implementation.