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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Supply Chain Design

Exhaust the potentials of your value chain

Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Design

If you win transparency in your supply chain, you lay the foundation to recognise the potentials in your value adding chain network, and you obtain cost and efficiency advantages. You can already economise 20 per cent of your costs through the optimisation of your distribution network alone. That’s why the design of the logistic network and the optimisation of the storage location structure are at the top of list of supply chain projects by leading enterprises today.

Furthermore, the right cooperation deepness with your partners will you bring additional increases in efficiency. This relates not only to the collaboration with customers and suppliers but also to the integration of logistic providers.

We will provide you with the recognition and the exhaust of potentials in your value added chain network.

We provide support in

  • the creation of transparency in your supply chain
  • the optimisation of your distribution and procurement network
  • the determination of storage location structures
  • the integration of your partners in your value adding chain


Your Contact Person

Holtkemper, David

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