Strategic Business Analytics

Business Analytics as a Core Competency

The potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods goes far beyond significant productivity increases of existing organizational systems.

The question arises as to how the use of advanced methods of business analytics can open up completely new competitive positions that newly – and sustainably – constitute the corporate purpose and the business model. The mastery of these two diametrically opposed goals, the increase in productivity of existing value creation models on the one hand and the creation of completely new models on the other, is discussed under the concept of management ambidextry. This "ambidexterity" is regarded as one of the greatest challenges in strategic management research.

Against this backdrop, the Strategic Business Analytics unit is therefore researching

  • what role advanced business analytics methods play as a new core competenceyfor the repositioning of companies and
  • how business analytics must be developed and leveraged as a concrete, strategically relevant capability.

Research question

How should advanced methods of business analytics be used in the company to enable a repositioning of the company and how should the associated organizational structures be designed in terms of entrepreneurial capability?