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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Information Logistics

Controlling and evaluating information

The main focus of information logistics is developing concepts and methods which make information flows controllable from the information source to information needs. We pursue a specific procedure in order to visualise the following building blocks along the information flow: acquisition of information, information aggregation, networking and analysis as well as optimisation and visualisation of information.

The divisions main objective is to put businesses, based on the developed methods, in the individual position to provide the right information to the correct addressees. These are, customers or the executive management for example, which need to be provided with information in the proper quality at the accurate time and the correct location at reasonable expenses.

In this regard, the inter-departmental provision of information through appropriate data, IT and organisational structures, plays a central role. Thereby, the emphasis is placed on the thematic fields of production, logistic and energy.

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Nienke, Steffen

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