IT Complexity Management

Strategic Alignment of Corporate IT

The design of a digital, agile and adaptive company requires an optimal business-IT alignment as well as the strategic alignment of corporate IT.

Optimal business-IT alignment can only be achieved if corporate IT is strategically aligned with corporate goals and strives for an appropriate degree of complexity in its design. In addition, corporate IT is increasingly required to help develop and implement IT-driven digitalization strategies.

Key research areas in IT complexity management

The IT Complexity Management unit develops concepts, methods and models that enable corporate IT to align itself strategically in order to enable the company's digitalization internally and to open up digitally enabled benefits for customers and partners along the value chain. This includes methods with which simultaneously to monitor, evaluate and control the IT complexity or corporate IT. In addition, the unit explores which capabilities corporate IT needs as part of the corporate strategy process and how it can strategically position itself in order to achieve these capabilities.

The IT Complexity Management unit pursues the goal of supporting companies in the strategic alignment of corporate IT in order to implement digital transformation with a suitable degree of IT complexity.

Research question

How is corporate IT to be aligned and designed so that a sustainable added value for the company can be ensured with an appropriate degree of complexity?