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FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen

Information Technology Management

Efficiency through innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies

Enterprises need to be able to be  versatile and flexible to react on altering circumstances in order to keep up with global competition. The appropriate use of information and communication technologies is a crucial factor, playing an increasingly prominent role in the organisation and optimisation of business processes. The aim of the Information Technology Management (ITM) division is to support businesses in shaping efficient IT-solutions, as well as prototype processing and evaluating in a unique testing environment.

On the one hand, the division focusses on IKT-solutions, assisting the departments with their work and, on the other hand, with current and future technology trends. Hence, their key responsibilities  concern the early detection, planning, design, evaluation, implementation, validation, demonstration and integration of relevant information technologies. Issues, currently pursued by the ITM division, are a solution-oriented combination of information and communication technologies such as RFID, sensor technology, mobile communication and cloud technologies to realise intelligent objects and systems.


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