CSS 2.0

Customer-Service-Scorecard 2.0 – Self-Assessment-Tool zur Analyse des Nutzens von Social Media im Kundenservice bei KMU

The aim of the CSS 2.0 research project is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer services through the use of social media. For this purpose, a self-assessment tool will be developed to evaluate and forecast the benefit contribution of social media use in customer service. The research project focuses on the external use of social media at the interface between companies and customers.

The CSS 2.0 research project is the first tool to enable SMEs to independently evaluate and forecast the costs and benefits of various social media channels and the associated customer service activities, taking into account their individual framework conditions.

The various cause-effect relationships of social media use are analysed and their effects on the service creation process are investigated. For example, an IT-supported self-assessment tool is being developed that enables an evaluation and prognosis of the benefits of the various social media channels in the form of a customer service scorecard.

The self-assessment tool is developed on the basis of a system-dynamic model to explain the impact relationships in social media use in SME customer service. Here, the benefits of using social media in customer service, both for the provider and the customer, are considered.

As a result of the project, SMEs will be able to independently evaluate the use of social media in customer service and simulate solutions.