Energy Information Hub (EIH)

Win-win-win situation for manufacturing companies, energy suppliers as well as mechanical and plant engineers

The central aim of this research projekt is to design a communication platform for the exchange of relevant informations between producing SMEs, electricity utility companies and machine builders. For this inter alia a business and process model will be developed which makes the EIH attractive for all participations.

Energy supplying companies calculate energy consumption on the basis of forecasting models. But for these consumption forecasts there is no data exchange between energy suppliers and manufacturing companies.

However, manufacturing companies design production plans which could be used as a practical data basis for the creation of power consumption forecasts. These power consumption forecasts are uploaded to an Energy Information Hub in real-time through the ERP system of the SMEs and requested by the energy suppliers. That approach causes greater planning reliability. Furthermore, data of power consumption of individual machines can, depending on the manufacturer, be generated which in turn can be used as support for investment decisions.

By a low-cost integration of existing data, economic advantages can be provided for all participants: Energy suppliers get greater planning reliability by the use of real-time consumption forecasts, manufacturing companies get refunds of the energy supplier by improved forecasting quality, and mechanical and plant engineers can use the generated machine data related to their energy consumption.