Service Release Management

The aim of this research project was the development of a service release management system, which allows SMEs to systematically identify the necessary changes to their AS-services in the small-scale production of mechanical engineering and to implement these efficiently in a service release.

Service release management enables decisive competitive advantages

To date, there is no system for identifying and bundling changes to after-sales services, which is why they are generally recorded in an unstructured manner and are carried out ad hoc. This results in non-uniform versions of the service, which prevents comparative performance and quality measurement.

Only the establishment of a company-wide service release management system enabled the systematic identification of necessary changes to after-sales services. This enables service releases to be carried out efficiently and individually, without compromising the comparability and performance of their own services. In order to implement a successful service release management in the enterprise, the internal and external influences of all stakeholders involved in the process have to be recorded and evaluated.

Development of a guide for systematic after-sales service provision

There is currently no standardized procedure for recording and evaluating possible influences on service release management. Due to a lack of resources, the introduction of a service release management is particularly difficult for SMEs.

Within the scope of the research project, a guide for the systematic introduction of a service release management has been developed. In order to facilitate a wide distribution and easy application, the developed guide was also displayed in a software tool.