Value oriented design of master data management

The aim of the project STAIRS was the creation of benefit transparency in the field of master data management; the effective relationships between the areas of influence, data quality and business processes should be simulated within the framework of a new, interactive simulation game, which should be implemented in the innovation laps of FIR. It should make the benefits of high data quality perceivable in practice.

At first, the design of an descriptive model of the application area for classification of quality-driven disturbance variables and definition of generic handler categories of master data, as well as the design of an descriptive model of the areas of influence (relevant areas of influence and characteristics of master data management including implementation costs) were carried out.

On this basis, an explanatory model of the effective relationships between the measures of master data management, the quality of master data and the business processes as well as a designing model as a scientific method for designing a handler category specific and economic master data management concept were developed. After this, the results were implemented within the framework of  a simulation game.