Assistance system for the mutual synchronization of production and interlogistics to increase the efficiency of SMEs

The aim of the SynLApp research project is to optimize the loading ramp interface by developing a solution for synchronizing production and interlogistics

Initial situation

The core element of the research project results from the insufficient coordination between production companies and logistics service providers (LDL). A study commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) highlights: Current challenges are lack of transparency and communication as well as a lack of up-to-date information along the entire supply chain. Lack of predictability or major deviations of orders from forecast requirements are also defined as challenges in the area of supply chain management.

Solution approach

The semi-automated, digital assistant "SynLApp" is used by production and logistics service providers to monitor the situation of the other partner. Suggested reservations of forecasted transport quantities in the direction of LDL or transport offers from the latter to the manufacturing company should also be able to be confirmed (feedback function) and changed up to an agreed "frozen zone". The solution pursued with the "SynLApp" project consists of flexibly combinable microservices, suitable interfaces, analysis modules and intuitive user interfaces for the producing small or medium-sized company in case of a missing ME system.

Expected result

Taking SME-specific challenges into account, this research project creates an assistance system that serves to improve communication between manufacturing companies and LDL.

Benefits for the target group

The aim is the efficient use of logistics resources, which can reduce costs on the LDL side by reducing empty runs and making better use of capacities. This cost reduction in turn leads to lower logistics costs for the manufacturing company.