Working models for the digitalized company

The design of work and learning processes in an international context is becoming increasingly important with increasing digitisation. The FIR considers these developments by bundling its activities in a new organizational unit. The division "New Industrial Work" deals with the topic "Working and Learning in Industry 4.0" i.e. with the design of teaching and learning processes as well as work processes in the industrial context in order to enable companies and their employees to cope with the change to the working world 4.0.

Based on concepts and methods for the assessment and, in particular, the prognosis of competences required in the future, innovative and practice-oriented teaching and learning concepts are developed together with companies and implemented in practice. The selection and implementation of suitable, needs-based learning solutions goes hand in hand with the design of individualised learning paths for employees. In addition, the subject area also has its own national and international blended-learning further training programme to successfully shape industrial change in the company. Accordingly, the combination of the topics internationalisation and the establishment of work-related learning processes, as in the course "Chief Workplace Innovation Manager" developed within the framework of the BMBF joint project "E-Mas", is a central component of the future FIR strategy