Lecture Course "Industrial Logistics" (Summer Term)

Lecture Course by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Stich

Holistic Approach to design the Flow of Materials and Information towards an economic Optimum.

  • The lecture course "Industrial Logistics" covers a wide range of topics, which are relevant for the field of logistics.
  • It starts by appointing the logistics objectives and tasks. The following lectures cover the topics procurement, inventory management, product distribution and other related themes. Finally the lecture on Supply Chain Management is presented, whereby the new developments in the field of logistics research are of particular interest.
  • In addition, two guest lectures by external lecturers (reports on enterprise logistics) and an excursion complement the educational programme.
  • The lectures start in the summer term.


Concerning common questions on the organisation of the lecture course "Industrial Logistics" feel free to contact:
Maria Linnartz

Further information can be found here.