UdZ / Issue 01.24

UdZ 01.24 / 49 AProSys: The Energy Transition in Your Neighborhood The German electricity distribution grid is facing considerable challenges, which are further intensified by the transition to renewable energies and the increasing electrification of mobility.These changes are leading to an unpredictable dynamic in the load on the distribution grid infrastructure. Local grid stations and substations, which you know as small houses or boxes in your neighborhood, play a particularly important role here, as their equipment is often outdated and not designed for current requirements. The project 'AProSys – AI-Supported Assistance and Forecasting Systems for Sustainable Use in Intelligent Distribution Grid Technology', funded by theFederal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection as part of the 7th Energy Research Program, aims to address this problem. The aim is to enable comprehensive monitoring and condition assessment of energy technology systems, predict failures, and provide recommendations for action in real time with minimal use of sensors and on the basis of digital twins in the existing infrastructure. This also includes the development of digital workforce management to optimize maintenance processes and individual skills training for specialists through digital knowledge management. The project aims to improve the resilience, efficiency, and adaptability of the energy infrastructure. In doing so, we are making a significant contribution to overcoming the challenges of Germany’s energy transition. >

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