UdZ / Issue 02.22

UdZ 02.22 / 77 SEGIWA : Series Production of Electrolysers in the Gigawatt Range Alternative storage media and propulsion materials are needed to drive forward the energy transition in Germany. Green hydrogen, which is produced with energy from renewable sources, plays a key role here. The national hydrogen demand until 2030 is 5 gigawatts of electrolysis capacity, so a rapid increase in capacity is needed1.To achieve this, electrolyser producers such as Siemens Energy are to be supported in rapidlyexpanding their capacities. In the “SEGIWA” project, basic principles are to be developed, the SILYZER 300® series2 frommanual production to series production in the gigawatt range. In linewith the national hydrogen strategy, the aim is to achieve a low-friction market ramp-up. One focus here is on designing and implementing largely automated production processes and linking them in a higher-level production concept. To ensure a fast production ramp-up with high efficiency, a stepwise scalable factory system is designed. Within the production concept, the individual manufacturing and assembly processes aremapped digitally throughout and a synchronized flowof information is established.Via theManufacturing Execution System (MES) and the digital infrastructure, the planning, control, operation and optimization of production will be realized in interaction with the digital twin of the electrolysers. In this context, the FIR is developing processes for process control and quality assurance through digital networking inwhichMES, automation and digital twins formthe coreworkpackages for end-to-end, digital synchronization of production processes. In this way, the goal of ensuring economical and efficient series production ofwater electrolysers at the high-wage location of Germany is to be achieved. > 1 BMBF 2021 2 SILYZER 300 is the latest and most powerful product line in the double-digit megawatt class in the PEM electrolysis portfolio from Siemens.; https://assets.siemens-energy.com/siemens/assets/api/uuid:a193b68f-7ab4-4536-abe2-c23e01d0b526/datasheet-silyzer300.pdf Zur Erreichung der nationalen Wasserstoff- strategie wird im Forschungsvorhaben „SEGIWA” das Ziel verfolgt, eine automatisierte Serienfertigung für Wasserelektrolyseure für Anwendungen bis in den Gigawatt-Bereich aufzubauen. Im Fokus stehen dabei Wasserelektrolyseure mit Silyzer®-Polymerelektrolytmembranen von Siemens Energy (SE). Die Produktion der Silyzer® 300-Technologieplattform soll zur Realisierung höherer Kapazitäten bei reduzierten Installationskosten von der manuellen Herstellung in eine großvolumige, wettbewerbsfähige Serienproduktion transformiert werden. In order to achieve the national hydrogen strategy, the research project “SEGIWA” is pursuing the goal of establishing automated series production for water electrolysers for applications up to the gigawatt range. The focus is on water electrolysers with Silyzer® Polymer Electrolyte Membranes from Siemens Energy (SE). Production of the Silyzer® 300 Technology Platform is to be transformed from manual production to high-volume, competitive mass production to realize higher capacities at reduced installation costs.

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