UdZ / Issue 02.23

UdZ 02.23 / 15 While customers have increasing needs and expectations about their communication with companies, companies are increasingly aware of the relevance of close customer relationships. For a long time, this was especially true in the B2C environment, and the trend was largely driven by internet giants such as Amazon. Customers expect shortterm feedback on inquiries and personalized offers. More and more, this is becoming the standard in the B2B environment as well. However, the reality in many mediumsized companies looks different: Well-trained sales staff may be able to maintain good customer contact, but without appropriate tools and processes in place, even they can ensure increasingly important customer contact up to a certain point only. This also applies to plant manufacturer LISEGA SE located in Zeven in Lower Saxony. The right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software could provide a remedy in this context. CRM refers to a strategy for systematically shaping an organization's relationships and interactions with existing and prospective customers. Through a standardized 3-phase concept, FIR at RWTH Aachen University offers a structured process for the selection and introduction of IT systems, including CRM systems. > Unlocking New Potential Through Systematic Customer Management CRM Selection for LISEGA SE

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