UdZ / Issue 02.23

UdZ 02.23 / 89 SynLApp: How to Rekindle Communication Between Companies and Logistics Service Providers ‘SynLApp’ Assistance System Ensures On-Demand Supply at the Loading Ramp The coordination of material and information flows is crucial for maintaining efficient and sustainable networks between manufacturing companies and logistics service providers (LSPs).The 'SynLApp' research project resulted in the development of an assistance system that can be used to support and promote cooperation between manufacturing companies and LSPs. The main task of the tool is to provide information on the order status of the partners in order to identify production fluctuations and machine failures and to process and prepare all relevant data. On this basis, optimal recommendations for action can be created for the companies. The SynLApp assistance system reduces the costs of all parties involved by helping to provide goods at the loading ramp according to demand. In addition to the development of an enablement model for companies, the modeled software architecture and the implementation of a test environment were the key goals of the project.This article discusses the project results and the design of the assistance system and its potential use by SMEs.The SynLApp agent has already been validated by different industrial companies during the project. In addition, the project resulted in the development of two demonstrators, which are freely accessible to interested industrial companies. 'SynLApp' is another good example of how Industrie 4.0 technologies can be leveraged to create tailored solutions. >

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